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Bantwa, also spelled Bantnva, is a small town located at the western end of Junagadh district in the state of Gujarat.  Records show that the area was initially populated by migrants from Kutch and Sind districts. The theory has been corroborated by the name Bantva; which has been derived from two popular Kutchhi names Bai and Vav.

Geography of Bantwa

Bantwa is located at a distance of 10 km from the Arabian Sea at the coordination of 12.9000° North latitude and 75.0330° East longitude. The average elevation of the town is 21 meters above the city level. The soil here is not very fertile, but is suitable for growing cotton and nuts.

History of Bantwa

In the pre independence day, the town was a part of Bantva- Manavadar estate (jagir) under the princely state of Junagarh. The city was established in 1760 AD during the reign of Diler Khan Salabat Khan. He was appointed as the jagirdar of Bantva- Manavadar estate and ruled over the area from 1733 AD to 1760 AD.

Jama Masjid

Diler Khan Salabat Khan was a scion of the Babi Family of Junagarh and enjoyed the title of Khan Sahib. After his death his son Sadar Nathu Khan Diler Khan took up the reign. Thereafter, following rulers reigned over the area in succession:
  • Ghazafar Khan Nathu Khan
  • Kamal ad-Din Khan Ghazafar Khan
  • Zorawar Khan Kamal ad-Din Khan

However, at the time of Zorawar Khan’s death his son Ghazafar Khan Zorawar Khan (birth 1862) was still a child and therefore, a regent was appointed to rule in his name. Later as he attained adulthood in 1883 he assumed the full power and ruled over the area till his death in 1888. At that time, his son Fath ad-Din Khan Ghazafar Khan (born in 1885) was still a child and so a regent was once again appointed to rule in his name. Mo`in ad-Din Gholam Khan was the last ruler to rule over Bantwa. He reigned from 19th October 1918 to 15th February 1948.

Bantwa in 1947

Jagda Falia

1947 was not an easy year for Bantwa. Although India gained independence from British rule it was also divided into two separate countries - India and Pakistan. Princely states were given the options of joining either India or Pakistan. Since Bantva- Manavadar was only a jagir under Junagarh state, which in turn was just a vassal under the State of Baroda Mo`in ad-Din Gholam Khan had no say in that matter. Yet he along with Nawab of Junagarh chose to join Pakistan.

However, the accession was not liked by the people of the region; they wanted to remain with India. Therefore, the Government of India moved in. It took control of the whole district on 22nd October, 1947.  Mo`in ad-Din Gholam Khan was put under house arrest and an interim government was set up to carry on the administration. Later a plebiscite was held under the supervision of the United Nations. As the majority of the population wanted to remain with India, its accession to Pakistan was revoked and the town remained a part of free India.

Bantwa Post Independence

 On 20th February 1949 Bantwa was merged with the United State of Kathiawar, which was later renamed as the federal state of Saurashtra. The next major change took place in 1956. In that year Bantwa along with rest of Saurashtra became a part of Bombay State. However, in 1960 the State of Bombay was bifurcated into Maharashtra and Gujarat and the town became a part of Gujarat.

Administration in Bantwa

Bantwa falls under Manavadar Tehsil of Junagarh Subdivision. Consequently, the administration of the town is controlled by the Distract Collector, stationed at the district headquarters Junagarh.  If you need to contact him you may do so at the following numbers:
(O) 0285 - 2650202
(F) 0285 - 2651332

Bantwa Nagar Palika

Municipality Office

Besides, the city has a Nagar Palika (Municipality) to provide basic civic amenities to its citizens. According to the 2011 census, the municipality has jurisdiction over 3,081 houses. For proper administration over such a vast number of households the city has been divided into 7 wards. Each of these wards is represented by an elected councilor.

While supply of basic amenities like water and sewerage is the main duty of the municipality it also has to keep records of births and deaths, maintain roads and parks and see that the residents are able to lead a healthy and meaningful life. In case of any necessity you can contact its officials at the following address

Bantwa Nagar Seva Sadan,
Manavadar Road,
District: Junagadh

In pre-independence days, this building was known as Mohammadan Library. The office of the municipality is situated in its first floor.

Police Station in Bantwa

Like any other cities in India, Bantwa also has a Police Station to look after its law and order situation and also to help the citizens in case of any emergency. In case of any necessity you may contact the same at the following address:

Bantwa Police Station
Bantwa - Pajod Road
Pin Code: 362620
Phone No: Bantwa,
Pin Code: 362620
Phone No: 2874-241-422

The People of Bantwa

Market in Bantawa

In pre independence era, 80% of the population in Bantwa belonged to the Memon community. They were successful in business and traded mostly in ground nut and cotton. Although a large percentage of Bantwa Memons has migrated to Pakistan a few families have stayed behind. They are now equally successful in their life.  Thanks to the combined efforts of all communities, Bantwa is now considered to be a fast growing city in Gujarat. According to 2011 census Bantwa now has a population of 15,291 of which 7,846 are males while 7,445 are females. The literacy rate is as high as 81. 51%.

Business and Economy of Bantwa

The economy of Bantwa rests mainly on trading. People of this area mostly trade in cotton and groundnut. However, there are also few industries in the town. Following are few of them:

Prakash Industries
Porbandar Road
Pin Code: 362620
Phone No: 2874-241-563

Shri Jalaram Ginning Factory
Bakha Manvdar Highway Road,
Pin Code: 362620
Phone No: 2874-241-001, 2874-241-337

Vijay Oil Mill
Near Railway Station
Pin Code: 362620
Phone No: 2874-241-550, 2874-241-410

Shri Shakti Oil Mill
State Highway 32
Pin Code: 362620

Navayjug Industries
State Highway 32
Pin Code: 362620

Services in Bantwa

Services in Bantwa

Although Bantwa is a small city it offers all the facilities required for leading an active and meaningful life. Just any other town, Bantwa also has a post office located on Station Road.

Banks in Bantwa

To sustain its expanding economy, a number of nationalized banks have also opened up their branches in this town. Following are few of them:

State Bank of Saurashtra
Mahatma Gandhi Road
Pin Code: 362620
Phone No: 2874-243-939
IFSC Code: SSAU0001051

State Bank of India
Mahatma Gandhi Road
Pin Code: 362620
Phone No: 2874-241-523 / 241-538
IFSC Code: SBIN0060051.

Dena Bank
Mahatma Gandhi Road
Pin Code: 362620
Phone No: 2874-241-534
IFSC Code: BKDN0310195.

Places to See in Bantwa

Mazaar of Bhukheri Peer

Bantwa has many places of tourist interest located in and around the town. Among them, Jama Masjid is said to be most important. It is a beautiful building which has retained its charm in spite of its age. Once upon a time it used to be the centre of all religious activities. Even today a large number of people gather here to offer Friday prayers. 

Barwali Masjid is another mosque where regular prayers used to be held. It is located just outside the main gate (Zapa) of the town. The area also has many shops and markets; therefore, you can do some shopping here.  

Other than these two, Mazaar of Bukheri Sharif is another important religious spot in town. The Mazaar, also known as Bukhari Peer Dargah is the resting place of Saint Bukhari Sharif. A large number of devotees gather here every day. It is believed that the Peer fulfills every wish of the devotees visiting this shrine. There is also a well maintained garden surrounding this shrine.

Madrassa-e-Islamia and Yateem Khana Islamia are two other heritage buildings of this town. While the first one is a school for boys the second one used to be an orphanage. It has now been turned into a school for girls. Both these institutes are run by a trust now.

Gymkhana Club is another place to visit. Once upon a time it used to be the center of all social activities for the memons. Different types of sports used to be arranged here.

How to Reach Bantwa

Bantwa Railway Station

Although there is a railway station at Bantwa, not many train stops here. Therefore, Patal Kuvo Railway Station, located at a distance of 26 km from the city is practically the nearest railhead. Many also prefer to travel via Junagarh Junction Railway Station, which is located at a distance of 39 km from Bantwa.

However, if you want to travel by air, you must either go via Junagarh or via Porbandar. Road transport is available from both these places. In fact, Bantwa is connected to rest of Gujarat through a network of state and national highways. State Highway 32 runs right through this town. Regular bus services to and from Bantwa are run by Gujarat Road Transport Corporation as well as by many private agencies. Metered taxis are also available from bigger cities such Junagarh, Porbander and Rajkot. Therefore travelling to and from Bantwa is easy and hassle free.

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